My First Month As A Freelance Illustrator

My First Month As A Freelance Illustrator

As January is coming to an end, I wanted to reflect on my first month as a freelance illustrator. The decision to quit my job wasn’t an easy one but so far I have no regrets! It feels really good to be able to work to my own schedule and on projects I care about.

I’m adjusting to working from home again but it can get a bit lonely with only my dog Barney for company (he is super lazy and sleeps almost all day!). 

To be honest the month had a pretty slow start as I was recovering from an illness and had next to no energy. However, I took the opportunity to focus on my personal work and building a portfolio of card designs to send out to potential clients for licensing. I ended up making some that I’m really proud of and I think they show off my style. I also gave myself a target to post on social media everyday. I found this really exhausting and tedious at the start, especially making videos, but it got easier as I developed a bit of a system for it.

I also opened my new shop using Shopify for the first time. Before I have used platforms like Etsy but they weren’t working that well for me. I had fun customising all the different features of Shopify, taking new product photos and experimenting with the site in general. I’m lucky that my partner works in marketing and he was able to help me out with the website when I didn’t understand it! My valentine’s cards in particular have been doing really well on there, and I think I’ll be adding some more seasonal ranges in the future.

In terms of client work, I signed a contract with an agency half way through the month and my portfolio will be going live on their website soon. And I’m really excited about a new packaging project I have just started with a client.

Next month, I have a couple of markets planned (see dates here) and I want to keep adding new designs to my shop, in particular more print options. 

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